In support of a nonprofit program to analyze and develop economic development opportunities for the City of Americus and Sumter County, please take a moment to complete a brief questionnaire targeted to local businesses owners. Your feedback is critical in helping to shape the future of commerce across the city and will be used to make recommendations to key local and statewide leaders. All responses are anonymous and requested by January 28th.

* 1. Which of the following categories best classifies your business?

* 2. Is your business located within the City of Americus?

* 3. How many employees does your business have?

* 4. Did you seek assistance from the City of Americus or Sumter County in starting your business?

* 5. Do you think Sumter County/City of Americus has been successful in its economic development?

* 6. Are there any local characteristics, policies or procedures that adversely affect your ability to conduct or grow your business in Sumter County/City of Americus?

* 7. Is there anything the leaders of Americus or Sumter County could do that would help you support your existing business or help expand your business?

* 8. Which of the following business is most important for fostering economic development in Sumter County/City of Americus? For each of the following, please rank from 1 to 4 where 1 is what you consider “most important” and 4 is what you consider “least important.”

* 9. What are your ideas to help make Sumter County/City of Americus more attractive to new and existing small businesses? (Please list up to three ideas)

* 10. Would you be willing to share your business name?