* 1. A humanitarian charity is setting up an office in a particularly poor area of Africa, having employed an architect to draw up plans. It is made clear by the planning office that to obtain planning permission, a large bribe must be paid to officials, this is normal practice in Africa and the charity cannot continue its good work without this office even though it is illegal in the UK to pay bribes, which option from below MOST describes your response?

* 2. You are travelling around South East Asia and you are caught in Thailand with some drugs on you, the police have arrested you and you are not sure how long you will be detained for. You know that you can pay an official a small amount to ensure you are released: Tick the response that MOST describes what you would do.

* 3. You are a globally known British arms company, and you are under pressure from your investors to close a lucrative deal in Saudi Arabia, the deal will provide hundreds of jobs and have a significant effect on the British economy in hard times. In order to close the deal it is unofficially known you must pay the MILLIONS of pounds (you have set aside just in case) to the Saudi Leader and his officials and effectively help fund a regime that leaves millions of people living in fear and poverty. What is your MOST likely choice?