FTM Shed supported by the Movember Foundation are investigating loneliness and isolation of men in the trans, gender diverse and queer masculine community with the goal to create meaningful social connections between us.  

This is a survey to help us find out what is working in Victoria, Australia and what the barriers are to connection at present.

This survey is anonymous and no identifying data will be published. Results will be compiled and used to inform further focus groups or activities and may be referenced in funding applications to roll out ideas identified.

The survey is 16 questions long and should take 5-15 minutes to complete and we invite you to share it as widely as possible to allow as diverse a response group as possible. There will be an opportunity at the end of the survey to enter your email address if you would be interested in knowing when focus groups or other opportunities to be involved arise over the next 6 months. There is a $50 Visa Gift Card available to be won by one lucky participant who leaves us their email. It can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, i.e. online for FTM type goods, STPs Binders etc. The winner will be notified by email within one month of the commencement of the survey.  

Thank you,

FTM Shed Inc.

Please note:
People of Colour, those from a CALD background and people of all ages are encouraged to participate in this survey. If you need assistance with completing this survey or have any concerns, please contact

Gender fluid/ queer/ questioning and non-binary individuals are encouraged to participate with the understanding that this survey speaks to individuals’ ‘masculine’ side. Expression of masculinity can occur on a vast continuum and we embrace and support all expressions. For the purpose of this survey when we say 'man'or 'men', we are referring to anyone’s masculine side. 

Where the acronym 'TGD' is referenced, this means Trans and Gender Diverse people/communities.
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