From discussions with members, we are aware that delivering GCSE English and mathematics is a challenge for some. This survey is to find out organisations who can deliver and might be able to support other organisations or deliver for them. It will also identify resources and good practice.
A short report will be produced with additional information and will be circulated to members who have returned their survey and on the website for other organisations.

* 1. Organisation:

* 2. Contact name:

* 3. Telephone number:

* 4. Email address:

* 5. Do you deliver GCSEs in English and mathematics in house?

* 6. If yes are you a registered centre for GCSE English and mathematics?

* 7. If no, do you use another organisation's centre?

* 8. Do you have the capacity to deliver to other organisations?

* 9. Are you willing to share your details with other organisations?

* 10. Do you use another organisation to deliver English and mathematics GCSEs?

Please give more information on how this works e.g. costs, delivery patter, impact on learners etc.

* 11. Is/are the organisation/s willing to have their names circulated? If yes, please give contact details below.

* 12. Do you have a challenge in delivering English and mathematics GCSEs?

* 13. What resources do you use to deliver English and mathematics GCSEs?
Please list and include both hard copy and web based resources with a brief description. Give enough detail so that other organisations can access.

* 14. Please give any additional information plus any good practice examples or short case studies:

Thank you for completing this survey. You can find out more about the LWBLA here: