Creative practice

I am interested to know some of the practical bits about how creativity shows up in your life.
I've designed this survey to be a quick, 10 question session.
I am hoping to understand if there are any creative challenges I can help solve.
Any frustrations with they way things are today, any wishes for a better future.

* 1. Do you think of yourself as a creative person?

* 2. How important is creativity in your life?

* 3. Do you enjoy these creative practices?

* 4. How often do you practice some kind of creative activity?

* 5. How long is each creative session?

* 6. How do you use the internet in your creative practice?

* 7. Have you ever used these online resources for creative information?

* 8. How much time do you spend online researching creative ideas or projects?

* 9. Do you prefer to practice creativity in these situations?

* 10. Please include your email contact & any other thoughts on what creativity means to you.