* 1. What type of Vegetarian are you? How long have you been Vegetarian?

* 2. Why did you become vegetarian/Vegan? (food, animals, environment...)

* 3. What foods do you eat to compensate for the meat? Did you consider health needs?

* 4. How do you feel about vegetarainism now?

* 5. Did you experience cravings for meat? If yes how did you overcome them?

* 6. Do you ever knowingly stray from your diet lifestyle?when/why?
Do you eat food cooked on meat containing surfaces?

* 7. Have you ever had to see a doctor/dietician with issues concerning the change in diet?

* 8. Do you have more or less energy since the change in diet?

* 9. Is there any reason why you would return to an omnivourous diet?explain

* 10. If/When you have children, will you bring them up on this lifestyle ? why/why not?