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Your Voice Matters.

Thank you for supporting Advocate Privilege in Ohio!

As part of OAESV's effort to advocate for a proposed bill that would establish privileged communications between survivors and rape crisis advocates, we are seeking your input. In short, why is Advocate Privilege important to you?

This brief survey allows you to share your voice in as much or as little detail as you want, either anonymously or with your name. While there are no guarantees that we will utilize your words in our advocacy efforts, we think it's important to hear from the people who are most affected by our work - survivors, concerned citizens,!

Please note that you will not be able to return to this survey to edit your responses. If you have any questions about this survey or OAESV's efforts related to Advocate Privilege, please contact Taylr Ucker-Lauderman, Director of Communications, at

Thank you for speaking out.

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* 1. Which of the following best describes you in terms of your interest in this issue? (check all that apply)

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* 2. Although you are not being asked to identify yourself or where you live, we'd like to get a general sense of how many people respond from different parts of the state. Please indicate the general region of Ohio in which you live.

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* 3. Please tell us why establishing Advocate Privilege in Ohio is important to you. 

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* 4. Please let us know if and how you would like your comments to be used by OAESV in our advocacy efforts (check all that apply). If there are specific parts of your comments that you do not want to be shared publicly, please specify in the "special instructions" comment box.

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* 5. How, if at all, would you like to be identified in conjunction with the comments you provided? You may choose not to identify yourself at all (in which case OAESV would use "Anonymous" with your comments), or to identify yourself publicly. If you want to identify yourself publicly, you may use your full name, a pen name, first name only, anonymous plus your age, your city, etc. Please type your response exactly how you want it to appear in any posts or publications. Here are just a few examples:
          Sally Smith, survivor
          Sally, Cincinnati
          Anonymous, age 45, Cincinnati

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* 6. Is there anything else you'd like OAESV to know? If not, leave blank.

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