The Mission of the Wellness Weavers Green STARship Enterprise (our Cisco WebEx Event Center)

The mission is to use the world wide web to improve and support a Green Way of good living and retirement in our actual homes, schools, churches, organizations, businesses, and communities connected by a WOMAN, Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network.   

An excellent mothering woman protects and nurtures all ages, all abilities with the intent that all within her care will end up with healthy relationships and having a good, productive and happy life.  

The Wellness Weavers WOMAN is supportive and stronger with our collective desire to be well and to use our STAR power to be an active participants using our Skills, Talents, Attitudes, and Resources for service and learning whether we are in our own environments or meet "aboard the bridge" and engage with each other. 

If you wish to engage your STAR power with the goal to help the group move through complex issues where anger, anxiety, or apathy have impeded positive action in the past, you have come to right place for a "Test Flight" opportunity.

We believe that the Cisco WebEx HIPAA Compliant web tool can help everyone to be heard and facilitated to collaborate and innovate in ways that result in planned action steps.  

Completing this survey will register you and allow you access to the collaborative event if you.    

1) Register your email address where you will have access to high speed Internet
2) Your laptop or mobile device with audio-visual capacity, and
3) Your willingness to download the free Cisco WebEx APP

We are lifelong learners as listeners, care-coordinators, and care-givers with intergeneration families, including blended families with adoption, inter-racial marriages and offspring, suicide, LGBT, ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences), fractured relationships, mental health issues, Substance Use Disorders, PTSD, dementias, other chronic health problems, accidental deaths, and financial problems.  

We learn so much from and with each other...we can become better together!  

Wellness Weavers is how we add real research, best practices to the intellectual, social, emotional, purposeful (spiritual), life that boosts the immune system for best health and wellness.  Wellness adds the art and science of living full lives of meaning and vitality. 

By answering the five simple questions, you can decide if you want to join us on this journey as "We explore new frontiers and go where no MAN has gone before!"  

It doesn't take Scotty to beam us aboard

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* 1. Please indicate the role that you would like to play with your STAR power during a future webinar event.  If you don't find your role listed, you can add it in the comment section below.

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* 2. Indicate the best meeting times for you and your time zone.

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* 3. Complete your contract info to get into the communication loop.

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* 4. What forms of social media do you feel are more effective in communicating with you and reaching the networks that would be so happy to be connected and supported as a member of the Wellness Weavers' WOMAN4WEALTH4ALL

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* 5. Please use the number of stars to rate your excitement for this way to "weave" a new web-based way to support you locally along your path to a better future in your personal and professional life.