Unless COVID-19 increases, we plan to hold in-person worship again sometime in September. However...

We will:
  • Require everyone to wear masks for safety
  • Have safety lanes for walking in and out
  • Allow seating only in specific areas
  • Ask all families to remain together (no child care until it is safe)
  • Need to wait on singing/choirs/bands for a while
  • Use prepackaged communion elements from our seats
  • Skip fellowship time (no coffee and doughnuts for a while)
We will also:
  • Play only quiet music
  • Read more from the Bible
  • Include silent prayer time
  • Hear messages from more speakers/lay leaders
  • Shorten services to 40 minutes or less
  • Continue Sabbath Centering and TouchPoint online as they have been

So, on Sundays (hopefully starting in September TBA):

Sabbath Centering will be Online Live at 9 AM (as it has been)

Modified in-person worship will be at 10 AM

We're looking for your thoughts about your own participation, so we can make the best plans.
Please answer the following questions.

(If you have questions, please contact Tim Mason, Dave Teske or Nancy Mahowald.)

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* 1. Considering the necessary modifications, how likely are you to attend worship in the building?
(scale of 1 to 100 - slide the circle to choose your response)

Stay home and worship online only Attend occasionally Plan to attend in-person worship
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

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