Presenter Registration - High School Marine Science Symposium

Thank you for volunteering your time and talents to participate in the 2018 High School Marine Science Symposium!  After completing this form, you should expect to hear from Val within a few days to confirm that your submission as been received. Last year we had more interested presenters than slots available, so we are conducting the presenter recruiting process a bit differently for 2018. Once the call for presenters closes, we will review all submissions to curate a lineup that includes a diversity of topics/expertise. In early January, Val will reach out to let you know if you've been selected to present. If you have any questions, please contact Val Perini at or call 781-581-7370, x373.

* 1. Please provide some contact information for the presenter(s)

* 3. Please provide a title for your workshop or table demonstration - suggested length is 6-12 words

* 4. Please provide a workshop description of about 50-75 words. This will be used by students to select their workshop registration preferences, and will appear in the event program, so be specific about your proposed activity/format. If you are doing the table demo only, please include a shorter description of what you have planned. 

* 5. We discourage a straight lecture-style format as this is unlikely to keep students engaged for 40 minutes. Please describe the format of your workshop (e.g., demonstration, games, hands-on activity, role-play/discussion activity, etc.), speaking specifically to techniques you will use that are appropriate for engaging high school students. If you need assistance in this area, please indicate this, and we can brainstorm with you about best practices to engage this age group. If you are doing the table demo only, please describe how you will engage students/get them to come over to your table. 

* 7. Apart from projectors, which we will provide in every room, please describe any other specific needs you might have with regard to WIFI/internet connection, audio/visual equipment, tables versus desks, proximity to water, electricity, whiteboard, etc.  Please note that we will try to accommodate all requests, and will be in touch if we aren't able to meet your needs.

* 8. There will be a keynote presentation after the workshops but before the lunch break, and you are invited to stay and join us for both!  Should we plan to include you in our headcount for lunch? If yes, do you have any dietary preferences?

* 9. Do you have any other needs or questions at this time?