* 1. Rate the Classes

  Too Weak Just Right Too Powerful Didn't Encounter
Dire Trooper
Fiend Scout

* 2. Rate the Demons

  Too Weak Just Right Too Powerful Didn't Encounter
Possessed Soldiers (No Shields)
Possessed Security (Have Shields)
Jungle Creeps
Cyber Mancubus Guard
Mancubus General
Hellknight (Merc)
Revenant (Merc)
Cyber Mancubus Harbinger (Boss)
Baron of Hell (Boss)

* 3. How Were the Purchasable Power Weapons?

  Too Weak vs Cost Just Right Too Powerful vs Cost Didn't Encounter
Rocket Launcher
Gauss Cannon
B. F. G.

* 4. Rate the Stats

  Not Very Useful Just Right Way TOO Useful No Opinion

* 5. How was the Map?

  Negative Neutral Positive No Opinion
Map Size
Map Layout
Ability to Capture the Forward Base
Ability to Push Into The Enemy's Core
Ability to Destroy the Enemy's Core
Ability to Defend Your Core
Ability to Defeat the Baron Boss
Ability to Defeat the Early Game Harbinger Boss

* 6. How Was the Gameplay?

  Negative Neutral Positive No Opinion
Ability to Effectively Push with Minions
Farming the Jungle Creeps
Effectiveness of Mercenaries vs Cost
Fairness of Weapons vs Cost
Gaining and Spending Stat Points
Fairness of Buying A Level vs Cost

* 7. Did You Experience any Game Breaking Bugs?

* 8. Overall, Did You Have Fun?

* 9. Would You Like to Leave Any Specific Feedback?