Notice of Interest

All positions in Student Services are system based and are allocated on the basis of  student, school and operational  needs. Notwithstanding this, and in accordance with Article D. 4, where a work assignment arises in the following areas:
- A geographic case load area,
- FTE Status
- Area of Focus
- Assignments where preference will be given for specialized skills or experience
 Staff are invited to indicate their interest by completing and maintaining this NOI, recognizing that all assignments are subject to change based on changing student or system needs.

* 1. First Name

* 2. Last Name

* 3. Current position

* 4. Should case work become available in a specific geographic area, please indicate your preference(s) below with 1 being your most preferred:

* 6. Please indicate any areas of focus that may arise within the Board in which you are interested.  Examples may include:

* 7. please indicate any specific skills, education, experience and/or certifications you would like to highlight