Grant School Bullying Survey

At Grant School we are committed to keeping our students safe.  We want to make sure that we all understand what bullying is and what it is not.  Bullying is not just people being rude or mean.  It is someone intentionally hurting someone physically or emotionally.  It could be excluding people from groups, spreading rumors, name-calling, or being physically aggressive (pushing, hitting, etc.).  Bullying is something that happens over and over, not just one time.  

* 1. Have you been bullied at school this year?

* 2. Were you bullied at school last year?

* 3. How often have you been bullied?

* 4. Did you tell an adult about being bullied?

* 5. Did you tell the bully to stop?

* 6. When was the last time you were bullied?

* 7. Where did the incident occur?

* 8. Have you ever been a bully?

* 9. How often have you bullied?

* 10. Were you told by the victim to stop?

* 11. Was an adult told about your behavior?

* 12. When was the last time you bullied?

* 13. Where did the incident occur?

* 14. What was the reaction of the victim?

* 15. How do you think the victim felt after being bullied?

* 16. Have you ever been a bystander/witness while bullying was happening?

* 17. How often have you witnessed it?

* 18. Was the bully told to stop?

* 19. Was an adult told about the bullying behavior?

* 20. When was the last time you witnessed bullying?

* 21. Where did the incident occur?

* 22. How did you feel when you saw it happen?

* 23. Did you help the victim get out of the situation?

* 24. Did you tell an adult?

* 25. What type of bullying have you witnessed? (Check all that apply)

* 26. Where do most of the bullying take place?

* 27. Have you ever chosen to not do something (play a game, go to an area, hang out with a friend) to avoid a bully?