To be considered for a 2017-2018 Office Assistant position, you must complete and submit the following application by 11:59pm March 21st, 2017 in addition to the UC Merced CatPAWS Office Assistant Job Posting.

Contact Information

We will communicate with you primarily via your UC Merced email account.

* Full Name:

* UCM ID Number:

* Email:

* Phone Number:

* Do you currently live on-campus?

* If so, where? (Building & Room)

Please carefully review information regarding the Office Assistant position posted on the housing website:

Preliminary Questions

* Are you available to work during the summer (2017)?

* Briefly explain any office/desk related experience that you have which directly applies to this position.

* How comfortable are you with technology? Please describe any skill or knowledge you have using Microsoft Office, Web Design applications, or any additional software or programs that may assist you in performing the duties of this position.

* What is your philosophy on customer service and how would you go about providing a good customer service experience for the customer?

* Motivation, showing initiative, and being a positive role model are important attributes of an Office Assistant. Describe the qualities you possess that you feel would make you an effective Office Assistant and how will you exhibit these qualities consistently throughout a busy academic year?

* Developing a strong sense of teamwork is an important goal among Office Assistant staff. What ideas do you have to develop teamwork? How do you see yourself in contributing to this goal in training and throughout the academic year?

* What are your current commitments (i.e. classes, work, vacation, clubs/organization, other activities). Be as specific as possible. How will you prioritize these commitments?

Extra-Curricular Involvement

Please list any activities that you may be involved in if you were hired as a Office Assistant during the upcoming academic year – i.e. clubs, volunteer, off campus jobs, etc.

* Activity or Employment:

* Hours per week

* Activity or Employment:

* Hours per week

* Activity or Employment:

* Hours per week

* Activity or Employment:

* Hours per week

Grade Release

Please list your cumulative and previous semester GPA (if applicable): Your GPA must be 2.5 semester and cumulative at time of hire.

* Cumulative GPA:
Leave blank if not applicable

* Previous Semester GPA:


Please provide two references.
References should be professional in nature, individuals who can attest to your readiness for the OA position. Examples of good references might include former/current supervisors, faculty, or organization advisors. Family members and close personal friends should not be listed as references.

* Reference 1

* Reference 2

By submitting this application, I am certifying that all information I have provided in this application is accurate. I have read all job information posted on the housing website. I also understand that by submitting this application for the 2017-2018 Office Assistant position, I am hereby giving authorization for the Housing & Residence Life Staff to access my student records to verify pertinent information relevant to my student standing at UC Merced.

For any questions regarding the application and/or selection process, please email Ashley Eagleson, or Cecilia Hernandez; Office Managers for Housing and Residence Life