24th Annual HBCU Faculty Development Network Conference

Greetings All. We appreciate your interest in participating in the 24th Annual HBCU Faculty Development Network Conference in Crystal City, Virginia - November 2-4, 2017.  Please submit your proposal to this sight on or before May 6, 2017.  A blind-review of proposals will take place following the submission process and the Lead presenter will be notified after June 1st.  We look forward to your attendance. 

* 1. Information for Lead Presenter

* 2. Presenter 2

* 3. Presenter 3

* 4. Presenter 4

* 6. Title of Presentation ( Maximum 15 Words)

* 7. Abstract (Maximum 100 Words). Please submit an abstract to be used in the conference program. Please review prior to submitting as only minor editing will be done by conference editor. Use this as a selling point for participation of your session.

* 8. Description of Session: (Maximum 350 Words) Please include a more detailed description of your session. This will help the conference planers determine location of sessions throughout the program.  This detailed description will be used to identify the appropriate space options and support that the HBCU Network can offer presenters.

* 9. Please rank your preference of presentation format. We will make every effort to accommodate your choices.

  1st Choice 2nd Choice 3rd Choice 4th Choice
70 Minute Session
35 Minute Session
Round Table
Poster Presentation

* 10. Each room will be have a projection screen, laptop and projector. Please indicate if your presentation requires any of the following:

  Yes No
External Speakers
Flip Charts/Markers