* 1. This survey is an opportunity to express your thoughts about your school. There are no right or wrong answers, so answer each statement exactly as you think. Read each statement and then choose and answer.

  Most of the time Sometimes Never
I think I am receiving a good education at this school.
I think the school is preparing me well for life after graduation.
I feel like I belong here.
I am comfortable asking for help.
I am encouraged to cooperate and work with others in our classes. 
My teachers show concern for all students.
My teachers are firm but fair.
My teachers help us appreciate and respect others.
The grading system is fair.
Assignments, projects, and tests are checked and returned.
Students in this school show respect for the ideas of others.
Students in this school show respect for the property of others.
In this school, there is a clear way to settle arguments before they turn into fights.
My teachers encourage me to try challenging work.
There are enough computers, books, and materials available.
This school provides opportunities to be involved in community service activities.
This school provides opportunities to be involved in sports, choir, theater or other extra-curricular activities.
This school encourages and advises students regarding college, technical school, or future careers.
I have opportunities to plan and be involved (sing, play an instrument, speak) in faith-based activities such as chapel services.
My teachers help me make decisions based on God's Word.

* 2. What is the best thing about this school?

* 3. If there is one thing you could change about this school, what would it be?