Nomination for Golden Acorn and SPLASH Awards

Each year Alcott PTSA gives Golden Acorn and SPLASH awards recognizing individuals that are going above and beyond to support students. Please take a moment to respond to the following questions and nominate an adult in our school deserving of recognition. Nomination deadline is April 20, 2018. We appreciate your continued support in building our community!

The Golden Acorn Award is given for continued and dedicated service to children and youth. This is an excellent way to honor volunteers for their contributions to our school community. Award recipients receive the Golden Acorn Award Pin and they will be honored at a district wide banquet. We also contribute $70 in the recipient’s name to the Washington State PTA Scholarship Foundation. These funds provide scholarships for selected high school students entering post-secondary education.

* 1. I recommend the following person for a Golden Acorn Award:

* 2. This person demonstrates an outstanding personal commitment to improving the lives of children and Alcott Elementary in one or more of the following ways:

The SPLASH Award is presented to Alcott’s “Special Person Living the Alcott Spirit in Harmony”. It is unique to the Alcott community and the purpose is to recognize an individual's contribution to the school community for the current year. This individual has made a significant difference to our children’s lives, is a good role model for students and provides service beyond the call of duty.

* 3. I recommend the following person for a SPLASH Award:

* 4. This person demonstrates the characteristics and qualities of a SPLASH Award in the following ways (please be as specific as possible):

* 5. Contact Information in case we have questions