1. Shake Rattle & Pose Retreat Survey

Hello and thanks for filling out this survey. I'm trying to determine if people would be interested in doing a Shake Rattle & Pose Yoga Dance Fusion retreat sometime in either late 2008 or early-mid 2009. Your input is greatly appreciated.

* 1. How long would you be willing to go on a retreat?

* 2. What type of retreat would you like to attend?

* 3. If you chose a teacher training retreat, please indicate any areas of specialization you are interested in

* 4. What types of things would you like to learn at the retreat

* 5. Please indicate which additional activities are important to you when deciding to go on a retreat.

* 6. Where would you be willing to travel?

* 7. Where do you live?

* 8. Please list three places where you would most like to go on a retreat.

* 9. Please provide your name and Email so that we can contact you about a retreat.

* 10. Please add any other comments you may have. Thank you so much for your input.