The NWIPDC is a regional governmental organization whose mission is to provide community and economic development and job training services for a nine county region of northwest Iowa. NWIPDC functions as an extension of our member governments, providing professional specialized services that are typically not financially feasible for each governmental entity to provide on its own. Please complete the following eight(8) questions in order to allow NWIPDC to provide your city or county the best possible services.

* 1. Please identify which city you are answering on behalf of

* 2. Which of the following services offered by NWIPDC is your city/county interested in using?

  Interested Additional Information Not Interested
Local, State or Federal grant writing/ administration
Comprehensive/strategic planning
Zoning/subdivision ordinances
Parks/recreation or trails planning
Hazard mitigation planning or projects
Code of Ordinances
Employee Handbooks
Personnel policies/Job descriptions
Economic Development grant writing/admin. (IDOT, IDNR, IEDA)
NWIPDC Revolving Loan Fund (private sector job creation or retention)
Preparation of TIF or Tax Abatement plans
Housing assessments
Housing or employee surveys
Housing rehabilitation
NW IA Regional Housing Trust Fund (Lyon, Sioux, O'Brien, Osceola. Buena Vista & Emmet only)
Regional transportation planning assistance
GIS mapping

* 3. NWIPDC's Zoning Administrative Services - In 2010 NWIPDC began offering Zoning Administration services to our member city/county governments. Is this service of interest to your community?

* 4. NWIPDC Nuisance Abatement Services - In 2012 NWIPDC began offering Nuisance Abatement/Code Enforcement services to our member city/county governments. Is this service of interest to your community?

* 5. NWIPDC is considering offering a new service - GPS plotting/mapping of municipal infrastructure and services. We believe we will be able to assist our member governments in documenting and updating mapping of critical infrastructure and services. NWIPDC is planning to purchase a handheld GPS unit to use in coordination with our existing GIS mapping equipment. This will allow NWIPDC to work with local officials in plotting manhole covers, street lights, stop signs, fire hydrants, water valves, storm sewer intakes, electrical boxes, cable boxes and many other types of infrastructure with extreme accuracy on a city map.

* 6. Since 1994 the NWIPDC has offered a comprehensive workplace safety program called SHIELD to assist participating members with providing workplace safety training and services to help cities comply with State/Federal OSHA regulations. SHIELD currently provides this service to 13 member entities within the NWIPDC region that pay annual dues into the program providing this service. If SHIELD were to expand its services to accept new governments, would you be interested in participating or joining SHIELD?

* 7. What other services would you like NWIPDC to offer?

* 8. How can NWIPDC better serve your community?