Wikipedia Fundraiser Feedback

Wikipedia needs supporter feedback to learn about how people use Wikipedia and find the best ways to communicate with users, editors and donors. Your answers to the questions below will help us provide a better experience.

* 1. What about the appeal you just read motivated you to donate today?

* 2. Did the appeal letter actually convince you to donate, or would just a couple of sentences been better?

* 3. What couple of things would be most important for us to mention?

* 4. Did the "Where your donation goes?" box have a big impact? If so, why?

* 5. One of the best ways for Wikipedia to tell you about changes is to send an occasional email. Would you like to receive occasional update emails from Wikipedia?

* 6. Please tell us your gender

* 7. Please tell us your age

* 8. Your name

* 9. Your email

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