* 1. The M'at School of Excellence is a new all-through school which is proposed for opening in September 2014. Do you support the proposal for the opening of a new community school in the borough of Brent in 2014?

* 2. New School places will be created for children in the Reception year, Year 7 and Year 12. Will your child be either:
A) 4 years old between 01/09/13 – 31/08/14;
B) 11 years old between 01/09/13 – 31/08/14 or,
C) 16 years old between 01/09/13 – 31/08/14?

* 3. Would you choose the Ma’at School of Excellence as a first choice for your child to attend in September 2014?

* 4. if you would like further infomation on the development of this school please leave your email address below:

Thank you, for taking the time to answer our short questionnaire and school place registration. Please continue to support the proposal for the Ma’at School of Excellence by spreading the word.

Further information can be found on our website: www.maatschoolofexcellence.org.uk