Volleyball New Zealand has established a working group to review the high performance volleyball programme. This includes junior to senior, indoor and beach, training and competing, and all athlete development.

This survey has been developed in order to capture the collective expertise of a range of stakeholders connected with the Volleyball New Zealand Performance Programme (VNZPP). The combined information from this survey will be used to inform the design and delivery of the Performance Programme from 2019 onwards.  

We welcome your feedback and ideas! Please complete by 30th June, 2018. Thank you.





Category (player, coach, parent, official, etc)

What do you think should be the goal of VNZ's Performance Programme? If you think the programme should have more than one goal then state these in priority order.

1. Athlete development
Note this is not about competition experiences, which is covered in Section 2.

1a: How can we best develop athletes?

1b: Why do you participate in the high performance programme?

1c: Rate (on a scale of 1-5, 1 being ‘Not very valuable’ and 5 being ‘Exceptionally valuable’) each of the following aspects for its potential to add value to developing better volleyball athletes at the youth and junior level.   

Secondary school volleyball programmes

Club volleyball programmes

IPC programme

Regional training camps

National training camps

International competitions

2. Competition opportunities

2a: What competition opportunities should we offer to our youth athletes?

2b: What competition opportunities should we offer to our junior athletes?

2c: What competition opportunities should be offer to our senior athletes?

3. Integration of  Beach and  Indoor Pathways

3a: How can we best integrate Indoor and Beach volleyball pathways (training, coaching, competition)?

4. VNZ team branding, for all stakeholders

4a: The best idea to improve the VNZ team brand for the volleyball community is?

4b: The best idea to improve the VNZ team brand for external stakeholders (e.g. media, spectators and sponsors) is?

5. Operating with respect to the strategic framework of VNZ and Sport NZ

5a: How can VNZ better align with the Sport NZ Talent Development Plan? link

5b: With respect to the current VNZ Athlete Development and High Performance Strategy, what should we continue to do? What should we stop doing? link

6. Final open questions.

6a: How could technology better support the VNZPP so that your experience is improved?

6b: What else can be implemented to positively affect the development of the VNZPP?