* 1. What do you most enjoy about attending services at UMCC?

* 2. What, if anything, would you change about attending services here?

* 3. Have you recommended our church to a friend or family member? Why or why not?

* 4. What are some ways that you think we could make our church more welcoming to new visitors?

* 5. What ideas or programs could we implement from other churches you’ve attended?

* 6. Among our current service times, which do you prefer or usually attend?

* 7. Which of the following ministries/programs are you most interested?
Administrative committee (Worship, S/PPRC, Finance, Trustees, etc)Homework Club, Recycle for a Reason, Prayer Chain, Stephen Ministers, LoveINC, Chugiak/Eagle River Food Pantry, CCS Early Learning, Birchwood Camp, Bean’s Cafe, Clean-up Sunday, UMCOR, Bible Studies, Sunday School, Tot Time, Parish Nurses (Faith Community Nurses), Other possibilities…..(Special Music, Church-sponsored financial program, Date night, Chauffer Program, Other______________) 

* 8. What changes, if any, should we consider to our current ministries? Why?

* 9. What outreach programs should our church consider?  Why?

* 10. Have you ever “attended”, or considered “attending” church ONLINE or via electronic means (radio, television, YouTube, website, etc) instead of in person? 

* 11. Would you utilize web-based audio or video recordings of services and/or events?

* 12. What are some ways we could leverage our church’s presence, people and missions through electronic or web-based means?

* 13. Which do you find to be the most effective way of communicating upcoming information for our church?  Email?  Bulletin announcements?  Mobile text?  Oral announcements?  Facebook?  Other?