Draft Master Plan Survey: Pavlakis Open Space / Dickens Farm Park

The St Vrain Greenway is the location of numerous District Parks along its length as it winds its way through the Longmont community. Currently the trail runs from Golden Ponds Park and Nature Area at its western end to Sandstone Ranch at its eastern end. In addition to these District Parks, Rogers Grove and Izaak Walton Pond are other District Parks found along the greenway. The newest planned District Park along the St Vrain is located at the Pavlakis Open Space.

Pavlakis Open Space is also informally being referred to as Dickens Farm Park, which is the recommended name from the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board following a public process done in 2012. The formal name selection process will be completed in 2013 when City Council approves a park master plan along with adopting the official park name.

Please review the information on the project webpage and the draft Master Plan at this link and then complete the survey.

* 1. What is your age?

* 2. What is your gender?

* 3. What is your race or ethnic group with which you most strongly identify?

* 4. Does the draft Master Plan provide enough parking and opportunities for access?

* 5. Does the draft Master plan offer the right mix of appropriate River Park recreational opportunities and preservation of fish habitat? (Remember, we need to protect native fish in this section of the St Vrain so are trying to balance recreational and environmental goals).

* 6. Does the draft Master Plan offer the right amount of river access and spectator areas and in the best locations?

* 7. Do you like the beginning level Bike Skills area shown at the west end of the park?

* 8. Do you like the boating opportunity in the East pond?

* 9. Do you like the habitat areas with more environmental diversity, less open water, expanded wetlands, reforestation around the ponds and along the existing creek and new bypass channel?

* 10. Do you like the Nature Play Discovery Trail (the area could include play features such as logs, stepping stones and sand / water play features)?

* 11. Does the native fish refuge area designated in the East and West ponds provide a good balance of environmental and recreational use?

* 12. Do you like the shelter locations and their sizes?

* 13. Do you like the informal program area?

* 14. Do you like the historical and environmental interpretation areas? (These could include information on the Dickens family (homesteader) and this site in early Longmont history) and information on the special fish found in this reach of the St Vrain Creek.

* 15. Do you like the overall park draft Master Plan?

* 16. Are there any other park amenities you think are missing?

* 17. Are there any park amenities you feel should be eliminated?

* 18. Any other comments?