This survey is for the countries who participated in 2017 PEPFAR/MoH Data Alignment Activities. This survey is to be completed by the PMDAT for each country team and submitted by June 1, 2018. Please fill out this survey together as a PMDAT. As you are completing the Survey together, please reference the 2017 Activity Completion Status you received in the email directing you to this survey. Please hit submit at the end of the survey once completed. Please submit only ONE survey per country.
                                                                                                                                                                              This survey aims to solicit information about:
1) What went well in 2017
2) What didn't go well in 2017
3) What can be improved during the 2018 PEPFAR/MoH Data Alignment Activities
We will incorporate your feedback and lessons learned to this year's Data Alignment Activities, including tools, resources, and communications to better support you throughout the 2018 PEPFAR/MoH Data Alignment Activities cycle.