Thank you so much for your interest in supporting these high school benefit shows! All funds raised -- whether cash or proceeds from  donated stocks, bonds, tangible property or real estate -- will benefit coronavirus relief efforts selected by teens themselves (with our guidance), and hopefully trigger a lifelong desire in them to support others.

Cash donors:
You may use this link for credit card payments: Youth Impact Foundation
To avoid credit card processing fees for large cash donations, we encourage you to send a check written to:
The Verge Awards Youth Impact Foundation (Fund)
c/o The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven
70 Audubon Street
New Haven, Connecticut 06510-9755

For those who wish to make non-cash gifts,  please use this form below to provide a description of the asset(s) and our fund manager will contact you to coordinate your donation. 

On behalf of teens everywhere, thank you for your generosity.

Linda Neaton, Founder
The Verge Awards for Teens on the Verge of Greatness

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We'll follow up with you as quickly as possible. Feel free to email any questions to Linda Neaton at or call 203.449.5044