The Feminist Governance Toolkit


The Feminist Governance Toolkit is under development.

This toolkit is designed for boards and board members of specialist gendered violence services in Queensland using intersectional feminist values, frameworks and practice principles in their work.

It supports board members to connect to and understand the purpose and context of the work they govern.

It is designed to complement (but not replace) specialist Not For Profit Governance and Cultural Governance Training which will also be offered by WorkUP Queensland and delivered by specialist governance training providers.

The Toolkit will include six brief videos to highlight significant topics including:
  • Intersectional Feminist Governance
  • Governing a Victim Survivor-Centered Service - Gender Analysis
  • Showing up - Values & Beliefs
  • Working in Solidarity
  • Board Composition for specialist gender-based violence services
  • Role Clarity - Strategic focus of the Board role
The purpose of this survey is to capture and include the sector's voice/insights which will be weaved throughout the videos.

If you would like to be acknowledged for your contributions please be sure to provide your name so that we can do so.

Thank you for your contributions.

The WorkUP Team
1.What does Intersectional Feminist Governance mean to you? If you can, please provide an example of what this looks like in Board operations?
2.What do board members need to understand about governing a victim survivor centered service? When boards do understand this, how does it shape their governance?
3.What does it mean to apply a gendered analysis to strategic planning decisions? Please provide an example if you have one when this has worked well?
4.How do we need board members to 'show up' to their role in governing a gendered violence service? Can you provide an example?
5.When the CEO and Board work in solidarity - what does this look like?
6.What is important in the composition of the Board of a gendered violence service? Why?
7.What is critical for Boards of gendered violence services to understand in regard to role clarity? Eg, operational vs strategic leadership.
8.Please provide any other insights you think are important in the development of this resource.
9.Your comments will be used to bring the sectors voice/insights into a brief video series for Boards of gendered violence services - if you wish be acknowledged please provide you name & service details.
10.I give permission for direct quotes to be used in development of the Intersectional Feminist Governance Toolkit video series.