Scrum Certified Member (SCM) Director

The Board is currently made up of eleven (11) members. Of these, three are SCM Directors who were elected by the membership of the organization. Six are Board-elected, and two are the Chief Product Owner and Chief ScrumMaster.

The Board Nominating Committee is responsible for selecting the final three (3) candidates, chosen from all nominations submitted. The Committee is searching for candidates who have the following experience, however all eligible nominees will be considered: Diversity, Experience with disruptor companies, Finance, HR, and Executive Presence (i.e. the ability to effectively communicate strategy to the C-Suite or someone who has C-Suite experience).

The Call for Nominations will close on 6 July 2020. Final candidate selection will be shared with the nominees on 11 August 2020. Member voting will begin on 24 August 2020. Voting will end 9 September 2020.


Elected by the Community

Certified, candidates must hold a certification in good standing with Scrum Alliance

Interested in furthering the mission of the organization

Passionate about agile, Scrum, and Scrum Alliance

Ability to work effectively with other Directors to provide governance of Scrum Alliance  

Knowledgeable about the difference between governance responsibilities and day-to-day management 

Availability to attend all regular Board meetings in person, and on occasion by telephone

Supportive of the commitment to sustainable business practices


The Board is expected to meet at least four times annually and as many additional times as necessary to effectively carry out the Board’s duties. Number of hours for Directors: 280–300 hours per year.

Learn more and see a complete Director position description here.

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* 1. Would you like to see the current makeup of our Board, and see how you can help us become more diverse?