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* 1. Please answer the below questions regarding BNI standards.

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Should we raise the bar for admission into BNI? 
Should we augment our screening process for prospective Members?
Should we increase our focus on a prospective Member's long-term commitment to BNI before accepting them into BNI?
Should BNI Membership Committees expect more referrals and Closed Business from fellow Members before granting renewal?  
Should BNI Membership Committees expect a higher level of commitment to BNI’s Core Values?   
Should there be simple norms regarding how responsive we should be to fellow BNI Members (Ex:  returning emails or calls within 24 hours)?
Should Members prioritize referrals from Members over referrals they receive from non-BNI Members?
Should we all reaffirm an expectation that Members try to “Buy in BNI” before going outside of BNI?
Should BNI Members generally give other BNI Members their most favorable pricing and terms?
Should we establish simple expectations regarding how BNI Members should help Members from other BNI Chapters and BNI Members from other countries?
Should we streamline process and rules for Members?
Should we make it easier for Chapter Leadership Teams to perform their duties?

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* 2. Are there any other comments that you would like to share on these topics?