The Family Effect Volunteer Satisfaction Survey

Thanks for taking the time to answer this survey. We really value your time and your input to this program and want to make your volunteer experience a pleasant one. Your input will help!

* 1. How often do you volunteer with The Family Effect?

* 2. What was your volunteer task/project?

* 3. How would you rate your volunteer experience with The Family Effect?

* 4. What aspects of volunteering made the experience enjoyable for you?

* 5. What could have made your volunteer experience better? What would you change?

* 6. How prepared did you feel for volunteering?

* 7. How likely are you to volunteer again with The Family Effect?

* 8. How likely are you to suggest volunteering with The Family Effect to a friend?

* 9. What keeps you from volunteering with The Family Effect more often?

* 10. What other ideas or suggestions can you offer this program? What else would you like us to know?