Bullying is when students repeatedly and on purpose do or say mean and hurtful things to another person such as hitting them, calling them names, teasing them, or scaring them on purpose.

* 1. Do you like to come to school?

* 2. Have you ever been picked on in a mean way at school?

* 3. Do other students try to hurt you by hitting or kicking you at school?

* 4. Have you been called hurtful names at school?

* 5. Have other students been mean to you on the bus?

* 6. Do you let your teacher know when other students have been mean to you at school or on the bus?

* 7. Have you ever been mean to another student to hurt their feelings?

* 8. Have you ever felt left out or not been included in a game or activity on purpose?

* 9. What is your grade in school?

* 10. I am a