The More and Better Approach for working with youth!

Deadline for Submission: Monday, July 11, 2016

MBA 16 Symposium for Managers and Staff of Youth Programs

Teatro Conference & Event Centre, Milton ON
November 23 - 24, 2016

Parks and Recreation Ontario, in partnership with Play Works - founder of the Youth Friendly Community Recognition Program - presents the MBA, which will:
  • offer information on trends and issues relevant to working with youth (ages 13 to 19 years)
  • share information on best practices - what works and why
  • develop networks to strengthen the approach to working with youth
The MBA audience is managers of youth programs and staff who work directly in these programs. Delegates come from municipal recreation/community services departments, not-for-profit agencies, community sports groups, faith-based organizations, health and health promotion units, schools, post secondary educational institutions, and social service organizations.

Presentations will be 1 and 1/4 hours long and, for the benefit of the audience, selected sessions will have a mix of:
  • information, tools and/or strategies  which can be used/applied by delegates when they return home (not just a show and tell presentation):
  • physical activity: and
  • small group work or table discussion.
Where possible, having youth as co-presenters will be viewed favourably by the Planning Team. 

Presentations, which are supported by or linked to the following, will also be viewed favourably:
  • Evidence-based research
  • Formal evaluations
  • Good practices representing one or more of the 16 Youth Friendly Community criteria (visit for more information)
  • Strategies which bring to life one or more of the 20 youth outcomes found in the Ministry of Children and Youth Services' Stepping Up Framework (visit for more information)
  • Presenters who have lived experience with the subject matter
The Planning Team is particularly interested in presentations on the following topics:
  • Youth advocacy strategies
  • New program ideas and options for youth play
  • Programs which engage marginalized and/or recent immigrant youth
  • Addressing mental health issues in youth programs
  • Strategies to enhance the work of youth advisory councils
  • Leadership development programs
  • Training ideas for staff who work with youth
  • Creative fund raising ideas, social enterprise, information on grant opportunities
Selected presenters:
  1. Must be available to present on either November 23 or 24th.
  2. Have the option of attending the day of their presentation at no cost. NOTE: Overnight accommodation is not provided the night before the presentation. Selected presenters are welcome to arrive early and stay over at their own cost.
  3. Have the option of attending the entire event at 50% of the Member registration fee. This option is available for up to two presenters per session. Additional presenters must pay the full registration fee. 
There is no cost for up to four youth co-presenters to attend  on the day of their presentation. Youth are considered to be between the ages of 13 and 19 years. Youth presenters registered for the entire event receive a 50% fee reduction on the registration feel. 

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