Raise your voice

COVID-19 has disrupted performance seasons all over the world.

WTG would like to use this time to imagine and innovate.

What can we do even better?
What can we start doing?
What should we consider moving on from?

To help us answer these questions we want to hear from the collective of creativity that abounds in our community and beyond.

Thank you for taking the time :)

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* 1. Welcome - we want to get to know you, let's start with the basics :)

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* 2. Let's find out a little more, please select one...
Feel free to add more detail in the 'other' box is you like :)

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* 3. Tell us your ideas! Here are some thought starters... :)

  • I'd like WTG to put on the following shows...
  • I'd like WTG to do some different types of events such as...
  • I am part of the WTG community pursuing my performing arts dreams further afield and have an idea to ...
  • My ideas for youth development programs are...
  • I would love to attend a workshop in the production area of...
  • I am from a community group/business which would like to partner with WTG on ...
  • I've always wanted to see/do...

Let your imagination roam free!
We're listening, interested and will value your input.
Please write as many ideas as you like in the box below.

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