P&Cs Qld became a Company Limited by Guarantee in 2012. We have a nine-person Board, six of whom are elected for a maximum of two, two-year terms by the members, and three of whom are appointed by the Board annually.

At the 2017 AGM, the President indicated to the members that the QCPCA Board wished to explore other options for the terms of the six elected Board directors and to survey the membership accordingly before the 2018 AGM.

Any change to current practice would not affect any of the current Board directors’ terms of office.

Any change would require a change to section 22 of the QCPCA Constitution (please note this is not your own P&C Constitution).

We are therefore seeking your thoughts through an online survey which will inform the Board’s thinking. We are asking: What should be the term of an elected QCPCA Board director?

* 1. Should the term of an elected QCPCA Board director:

* 2. Is there any other comment your P&C wishes to make?

* 3. Our response is that of the P&C at: (insert school name)