About the survey

KÖNNUN Á ÍSLENSKU: www.byggdir.is 

This survey is intended for all residents 18 years or older in farming communities or other sparsely populated areas in Iceland. The survey is NOT intended for residents in villages or small urban clusters in rural areas.

The survey is part of a research project organised by the Institute for Regional Development in collaboration with researchers at universities in Iceland and abroad. Other surveys will be intended for residents of towns, villages and other urban clusters in Iceland.

The main purpose of the survey is to collect information that can increase understanding of the issues confronting farming communities and other sparsely populated areas in Iceland and may support policy and best practices in regional development. The data collected will also be presented in Icelandic and international research outlets.

Prof. Thoroddur Bjarnason at the University of Akureyri is the principal investigator of the project and will respond to all questions via telephone (661 6099) or email (thoroddur@unak.is).

Participation in the survey is of course voluntary and respondents are not under any obligation to answer either specific questions or the survey as a whole. The survey conforms to legislation 90/2018 on privacy and the processing of personal information, see here.

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* 1. Do you agree to participate in this survey?

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* 2. What is your gender?

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* 3. How old are you

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* 5. Is your main home in this farming community or sparsely populated area?