Training Facility Satisfaction Survey

AM Health and Safety, Inc. appreciates your time in completing our survey. Your feedback is taken seriously, as AM Health and Safety, Inc. uses that information to improve our facility and our training programs. 

* 1. What course did you participate in at AM Health and Safety, Inc.?

* 2. How pleased were you with the quality of the visual aids?

* 3. How knowledgeable was the trainer?

* 4. How prepared was the trainer?

* 5. How pleased were you with the training room?

* 6. How pleased were you with the breaks, refreshments, etc.?

* 7. Was the time allotted for the program sufficient?

* 8. How would you rate the course?

* 9. Would you recommend this course to others? Why or why not?

* 10. Would you recommend this trainer to others? Why or why not?