Introduction to the Survey

This survey is being conducted by Gwyneth Swinburne ( under the supervision of Dr. Karece Lopez (, Communication Sciences and Disorders, St. John’s University. The purpose of this study is to 1) determine what speech-language pathologists learn about breastfeeding and 2) understand what opinions they have of breastfeeding.  The survey should take approximately 15 minutes.  

This survey is voluntary and if you do not wish to respond to any question, you are under no obligation to do so.  You may withdraw at any time without penalty.  Responses will remain anonymous.  A potential risk from taking this survey is discomfort resulting from answering personal questions related to breastfeeding; otherwise there are no associated risks other than those encountered in everyday life. There are no direct benefits from completing this survey, but some clinicians may find examining their professional knowledge will help them identify ways to improve their practice. Benefits to society include greater understanding of the education and practice of SLPs involved in pediatrics. By continuing and completing this survey, your consent is implied. Any questions regarding this study may be directed to Dr. Karece Lopez at or 718-390-4417.
Questions regarding your rights as a research participant may be directed to Marie Nitopi, IRB Coordinator, Institutional Review Board, St. John’s University, at or 718-990-1440.
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