* 1. Based on your experience at this year’s conference, how likely are you to attend in the future?

* 2. Please select the most important factor in your decision to attend this conference.

* 3. Please rate the following Keynote Speakers in terms of presentation, quality, & content.

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Eric Berlow, TED Senior Fellow and Complexity Scientist, "Simplifying Complexity"
Jan Estep, CEO, NACHA, "Innovations in ACH Payments to Enhance Customer Services and Offerings"
Manuel Stagars, Economist, Film Director, Author and Serial Entrepreneur, "Fintech, Blockchain, and Digital Transformation: Where Do We Go From Here?"
Rhonda Sheets, CEO, Support EXP, "Loyalty-in-the-Moment: The New Norm of Generation CX - Why Today's CX Methods and Metrics Won’t Work Anymore"
John Janclaes, CEO, Partners Federal Credit Union "The Data Analytics Journey @ Disney's Partner's CU"
Neff Hudson, Vice President Corporate Development, USAA "The Rise of the Bots - Relationship Banking in the Age of Unbundling"
Chuck Davidson, Head of Customer Engagement, Cardfree "The Rise of the Merchant Wallet"
John Best, CEO, Best Innovation Group; Pete Sedgewick, Consultant Cloud, Security and Infrastructure, Best Innovation Group "Keynote: Moving your Credit Union to the Cloud with Microsoft

* 4. Please rate the following Analytics Track Speakers in terms of presentation, quality, & content.

  Poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent N/A
Michael Cochrum, VP of Analytics and Advisory Services, CU Direct, "Using Analytics to Drive Intelligent Loan Portfolio Management Decisions"
Ryan Drake, CFO, Our Community Credit Union (OCCU); Anne Legg, Founder, THRIVE Strategic Services "Leveraging Data To Create A Solid Growth Strategy Foundation – A Credit Union Success Story"
Shawn O'Neal, Founder and CEO, SO Analytics, "On the Path to the Promised Land …. People Data …. the Future of Marketing"
Dr. Joseph Breeden, CEO, Prescient Models; Ben Morales, CEO, Q-Cash Financial "The Business Use of Data Analytics - What is the ROI and How to Achieve It"
Rich Jones, Principal, Leading2Leadership; Brewster Knowlton, Principal, The Knowlton Group "Lessons for Building An Analytics Culture At Your CU"
Paul Jaramillo, Co-Founder and CEO, Documatix; Bryan Schmidt, Marketing Analyst, Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union "Marketing Automation - The Critical Last Mile"
Anne Legg, Founder, THRIVE Strategic Services; Len Hendricks, CTO, Celero Solutions "Applying Big Data Technology at a Credit Union - A Case Study"

* 5. Please rate the following Innovation Track Speakers in terms of presentation, quality, & content.

  Poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent N/A
John Best, CEO, Best Innovation Group, "Top of App - Interchange Erosion"
John Best, CEO, Best Innovation Group, "Raspberry Pie Workshop"
Elizabeth Robins, Product Director, Best Innovation Group "Chat is the New Browser"
Phil Windley, Enterprise Architect, Brigham Young University "Sovrin Identity – Protecting Member Identity in a Big Data World"
Adam Elliott, Co-Founder and President, ID Insight; Keith Richmond, Director of Client Reporting & Analytics, Affinion Benefits Group "Using Big Data to Manage Risk and Enhance Member Engagement"
John Best, CEO, Best Innovation Group "CU Ledger – Credit Union Use Cases"
Joe Brancucci, President, CU RateReset "Reimagining Lending …is Digital Transformation the Solution?"

* 6. Please rate the overall quality of the conference.

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