1. Library Survey for Students

Thanks for participating in the Westport Public Library’s Student Survey! This survey is designed to let us know more about what you like, and how the library can better serve you. It will only take five minutes and it will be a huge help to the library. Feel free to add any additional thoughts, comments, or questions you have, even if the question doesn’t ask for it. We are looking for as many ideas as possible! First, a quick introduction:

* 1. Gender?

* 2. In what year do you graduate high school?

* 3. Where do you like to get or read books? (Check all that apply)

* 4. Where do you like to go for movies? (Check all that apply)

* 5. Where do you usually go to meet with friends? (Check all that apply)

* 6. What do you perceive to be the library's overall, MAIN function?

* 7. What is your favorite part about the library?

* 8. Imagine that the library is being rebuilt today and you can suggest any improvement you like. How can the library become the best library for your needs? What else should the library have?

* 9. How have you used the library for school-related activities? (Study space, projects, essay research, etc.)

* 10. What other reasons, unrelated to school, bring you to the library?

* 11. What are the best ways to get information to you about programs, services, new books and movies, etc?

* 12. Any other comments?

* 13. The library is working to completely revamp its design for the twenty-first century. Would you be interested in adding your ideas for library planning?