Please help the  Queensborough Community Centre update its Community Development Plan!

In 2012, the QCC developed and adopted a 5 year plan for community development.  It is time for an update, and we are looking for your input! 
Please fill out the survey below, and join us for Wine and Cheese and Chat at 4 pm on May 12, at the Queensborough Community Centre.  The information collected will be used to finalize a 2018 to 2023 plan for the community.  Have your say, and help Queensborough plan for its future.
The following is the Vision and Goals that have been adopted by the Committee:
The Queensborough Community vision is to maintain a quality rural lifestyle through building community pride and preserving Queensborough’s heritage, and supporting and developing a vibrant commercial, residential, recreational and cultural setting.

Four overarching goals have been identified:
Goal 1 - Preserve Heritage
It will be recognized by the community within and the community at large that heritage is a key factor to Queensborough.

Goal 2 - Community Pride
People of Queensborough will exude pride of self and community.

Goal 3 - Develop
Queensborough will be a desired destination due to its commercial, residential, cultural and recreational draws.

Goal 4 - Enjoy
Activities are developed to support a quality lifestyle in a rural environment.

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* 1. What heritage preservation activities would you like to see undertaken by the Community?

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* 2. What beautification and community pride development activities could be undertaken by the Community?

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* 3. We would like to encourage business and economic development in Queensborough. What would that look like to you?

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* 4. There is a wide range of activities and events that take place in Queensborough throughout the year. Are there any changes to this list that you would like to see?