The latest waste assessment in the Intact Place building found the waste diversion to be 65% out of
possible 92%.
The waste assessment identified that paper accounted for 40%+ of the waste stream, which includes
ite such as books/catalogues, disposable coffee cups, and paper towels. These materials are all
accepted i the mixed recycling stream at Intact Place.

Organics was the second most common material type found in the waste stream at 20%. The most common
item in this category includes unprocessed and processed food, which can be placed in the organic
recycling stream.

Beverage containers are still being found in the waste at 6% of the total waste by weight. While
this number may not be significant it is resulting in over 130,000 bottles and cans being
landfilled each year which translates into over $10,000 worth of refunds that could have been
donated to Children's Wish Foundation.

In an effort to increase our overall diversion rate and promote a better understanding of what
should go into each of the waste and recycling streams, we encourage you to complete the following