* 1. Your name

* 3. Open the following URL in another window or browser tab and go to the Research Project Calculator (RPC): http://library.csun.edu/rpc/ Enter all your information at the top of the page.

Where it says, "Date you will begin the assignment," type: 10-20-2012
Where it says, "Date the assignment is due," type: 11-20-2012

Look at the timeline the RPC gives you. In the text box below, list the 5 steps, and their corresponding dates.

* 4. Write one or two sentences explaining why you think a tool like the RPC might be helpful for you. Also, if you're being honest, which of these steps do you tend to skip when writing a paper?

* 5. In the first part of the Introduction to Research video, the narrator talked about narrowing down the topic of poverty. What are the five sub topics mentioned? (Feel free to go back to Part 1 if you need a refresher)

* 6. Based on the second video, where are you more likely to find the most up to date information on a research topic?

* 7. Which online database was mentioned in the 2nd video?

* 8. What are the three reasons (mentioned in the 3rd video) why you should cite your sources when writing a paper? (Feel free to revisit that video if needed)

* 9. Who are the people the narrator of the 3rd video suggests you can ask for help regarding citations?

* 10. Open a new window or browser tab. Go to the following website: http://www.martinlutherking.org. This is an example of an UNRELIABLE website. Take a few moments to examine the page and then list your top 5 reasons WHY it is NOT a credible source.