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Queensberry Cup took place for the first time in October 2022.

It was a very successful community event, enjoyed by thousands.

Queensberry Cup is designed to reflect, celebrate and support our LOCAL communities of North Melbourne and West Melbourne. Based on the principles of creativity and connection, the festival references our rich automotive history and will showcase the incredible talents and aspirations of our multicultural neighbourhood.

Currently, we are seeking members of the community to:
* help guide the festival in 2023 as part of a planning group [please apply by May 3]
* get involved in community activities
* volunteer for the festival in a variety of roles

Getting involved in this way has lots of potential benefits:
* Contribute to a key event in your local community
* Use your skills for the benefit of the neighbourhood
* Meet other people
* Gain skills and learn from an experienced events management team
* Special benefits at the festival and at local businesses

Please complete this brief survey if you are interested.
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