1. Lipodystrophy Providers- Experience from Patients

* 1. Have you had a facial filler/reconstruction product injected in your face?

* 2. If yes, can you tell us who performed the procedure and what your experience was? Please include name of the provider, location, and his/her phone or email if you have it. Let us know if you have had more than one product injected. Please include positive and/or negative experiences so that others can benefit from it. Keep it short, please

* 3. Have you had liposuction done in any part of your body?

* 4. If yes, can you share with you the name of the provider, contact info, location, and your experience? Please keep it brief if you can

* 5. Have you used another therapy (besides exercise and diet) that worked to improve your body changes? If so, please share with us what it was and where to get it. Be specific, please