* 1. How did you first hear about Legion Brewing?

* 2. What brought you to Legion Brewing for the first time?

* 3. What are your favorite aspects of coming to Legion? [Please check up to THREE]

* 4. With respect to this statement: “Live Music at Legion on Friday and Saturday Nights enhances my experience at the brewery.”

* 5. To what extent do you appreciate the variety of beer offered by Legion Brewing?

* 6. Please tell us what you think about Legion’s food offerings. [Please check all that apply.]

* 7. To what extent do you view Social Media postings from Legion Brewing?

* 8. In terms Legion’s recurring weekly offerings, which ones are of most interest to you? [Please check all that apply.]

* 9. When you visit Charlotte-area restaurants and/or bars, how inclined are you to order a Legion beer?

* 10. At your option, please let us know which group you identify with:

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