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Welcome to the 2011 OFN Conference Evaluation. Your opinion is important as we begin to shape next year’s conference in San Antonio, TX, October 15 –18, 2012. Complete this evaluation by 5pm EST on Wednesday, November 23rd for your chance to win an Amazon Kindle. It should take you no more than 10 minutes to complete.

* 1. Your Affiliation (Please check all that apply.)

* 2. How many annual OFN Conferences have you attended, including this one?

* 3. If this was your first OFN Conference, where did you hear about it?

* 4. If you only received information about the Conference online, and no brochures were mailed, would that be sufficient to help you decide if you will attend?

* 5. What was the primary reason you came to the 2011 OFN Conference?

* 6. Did the 2011 OFN Conference meet your expectations?

* 7. If you work for a CDFI, are there challenges your CDFI is facing that were not covered in the Conference curriculum?

* 8. Do you have any specific suggestions for session topics or session presenters next year?

* 9. Do you have any specific suggestions for plenary speakers and topics next year?

* 10. If you participated in the Native Convening (e.g., Native Gathering, Native Awards Ceremony, Native CDFI track of sessions), what topics would you like to see covered in the Native Convening in coming years?

* 11. Do you have suggestions for other organizations you would like to see at the Trade Show next year?

* 12. How did you find the level of interactivity this year?

* 13. Did you meet people who were or will be helpful to you in your work?

* 14. Do you plan to attend the 2012 OFN Conference in San Antonio next October?

* 15. Would you recommend the OFN conference to your colleagues?