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* 1. In an 'ideal' world, what would your choice of childcare be and why?

* 2. Mothers only: are you currently working?

* 3. If yes... If you could afford to give up work, would you prefer to stay at home?

* 4. If yes... If you could afford it, would you work fewer hours so that you could spend more time with your child/children?

* 5. What ingredients make a high quality childcare provider? Please rank the following factors in order of priority:

* 6. What other three quality factors (if not already mentioned) do you consider important?

* 7. Did the Ofsted report of your provider influence your decision?

* 8. Were you given support in choosing the right childcare to suit you and your child?

* 9. What additional support or information would you consider helpful in making choices about childcare?

* 10. For reference, please state your name again.

Please feel free to make any further comments on the subject of childcare.

If not, thank you very much for taking part!