Workshop Proposal Request - Proposals are due Monday, February 21, 2022

9th Annual Shoalition Showcase

Via Zoom, Tuesday, April 19 from 8:45 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.

Call for Proposals 

Thank you for your interest in presenting a workshop at the 9th Annual Shoalition Showcase via Zoom. The Shoalition is a forum for you and/or your coalition to showcase the great things you are doing to prevent and reduce underage drinking and to provide coalitions and prevention professionals and advocates with the tools needed to reduce underage drinking!

The Shoalition Showcase provides relevant information on issues, programs, and resources related to underage drinking and includes: a keynote presentation; panel discussion with Commissioners from the Michigan Liquor Control Commission; workshops; hearing from coalition leaders about what they are doing to reduce underage drinking; and opportunities to earn continuing education credits.

Proposal Review Criteria:
The planning committee seeks underage drinking-related topics presented from a strength-based perspective with a focus on relevant and practical information and resources. The following are examples of workshop topics that are ideal for the Shoalition Showcase audience:

    * Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF)
    * Prevention Prepared Communities
    * Working with Fairs and Festival Organizers to Reduce Alcohol Related Problems
    * Outlet density, retailer mapping
    * Reducing underage drinking with special populations (youth of military families, women of childbearing age, etc..)
    * Media campaigns
    * Social norming campaigns
    * Effective programs that are reducing alcohol problems/underage drinking
    * Policy changes that your coalition has worked on to reduce alcohol problems/underage drinking
    * Building your community coalition
    * Working well with a particular sector
    * Using data effectively/types of data that would be useful for your coalition
    * Compliance checks and vendor education with alcohol retailers
    * Engaging youth effectively
    * Sticker Shock, Photovoice, etc..

Other topic areas are welcomed as we are sure there are many more topics and great things that coalitions are doing!

Presenter Requirements:
To ensure high-quality educational experiences for attendees, we request that presenters have: The education, training and/or expertise in the identified subject matter and the professional skills or knowledge related to the topic.

Our attendees expect that: 1) You are prepared prior to arrival and will conduct the workshop in a professional manner. 2) you present on the topic described in the workshop description.

You accept the following requirements:
The primary contact listed in the proposal will receive all communication about the workshop and is responsible for sharing pertinent information with the co-presenter, if applicable.

-The presenter will provide any handouts including, the session PowerPoint presentation and/or other applicable materials as warranted. At a minimum, the presenter is expected to provide a summary presentation handout to workshop participants.

- In the event of cancellations, please notify the event coordinator to suggest a substitute presenter who is knowledgeable about the presentation.