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Board Chairperson Course 

There are fantastic benefits to serving on a Sport and / or Recreation Board, especially if you want to use your skills and passion to make an impact on a non-profit organisation.
The Board Chairperson has roles in addition to the role of other board members.  There are two main aspects to the Board Chairperson's role (within the Boardroom and outside the Boardroom). Learn the aspects of chairing in a simulated and safe environment.

Who is eligible to apply
Experienced directors serving on State Sporting Association or Peak Body boards who have the Board Chair role or aspire to the role.
How to apply
This online application must be completed and submitted to be considered for a place on this course. The aim of the application is to gain an understanding of your experience serving on a non-profit board as well as your future aspirations as a Board Chairperson.
Assessment of applications
All applications will be considered by the assessment panel to ascertain if you meet the above mentioned eligibility.  
Note: It has been recognised that boards within organisations stand to gain significant benefits and greater transference of key messages where a chief executive officer / executive director / executive officer is supported by a board director also attending a leadership development opportunity for example, one aimed at improving knowledge and understanding of governance. For this reason, it is encouraged and preference is given where there is evidence of applications received from both an executive director / officer application and a director serving on the board from the same organisation.
Closing date for applications:
Please complete this survey by the closing date of 5pm of Wednesday 19th  September 2018.
For general enquiries or more information please contact Aaron Morse, Project Officer, Organisational Development on 9492 9758 or via email

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