1. A Field Guide to Monitoring Nests

Many Nest Recorders and Ringers will have a well-thumbed copy of ‘A Field Guide to Bird’s Nests’ by Bruce Campbell and James Ferguson-Lees, which is now long out of print and increasingly tricky to find.

The BTO has agreed to produce a new book, working with James Ferguson-Lees and others, which will go by the title of ‘A Field Guide to Nest Monitoring’. This book will have a greater focus on how to find and monitor nests safely and will be targeted towards the needs of BTO Ringers and Nest Recorders. It will present information for a wide range of British and Irish species and will have practical sections on other aspects of monitoring birds at the nest.

In order to make sure that we produce the best possible book for field use we would welcome your input and hope that you will be able to contribute this by answering 10 simple questions presented within this Survey Monkey questionnaire.

Please complete the survey before 5th July 2010.

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